How many colors can I use?

While many online printers restrict the number of colors, photos and graphics you can use, we have no restrictions or limits on these. We can print as many colors as you want. 

​When will I get a proof?

You will receive a proof via e-mail within 1 business day after we collect all necessary information to get started on the design work. If you need it sooner, please contact us.

Can you help me with sign design layout?

We provide 30min. complimentary design service with every purchase. We also offer complete design service if you need a custom design from scratch at $65/hr (30min. increment). Please contact us for design service detail.

I'm not sure about the size or resolution of the file I have, can you check for me?

Yes. We will always double check your file to ensure you will get the highest quality possible. We will notify you via email if there is a problem with your file.

What are the design guidelines?

• Accepted File Format: AI, EPS, PSD, Tiff, PDF, JPEG
• File Resolution: 150dpi or 300dpi at final sign size (higher dpi = higher printing quality)
• File Color: CMYK (RGB will get converted when print)
• Bleed: 1/2" bleed on all sides. For Retractable Banner Stand, please leave 4" bleed on bottom and 1" bleed on top. 1/2" bleed on left and right.
• Please embed all images and outline fonts when sending AI, EPS, and PSD files.

Art Files & Design Help

Will the final signs have the exact same colors shown on my monitor?

Color representation is one of the most complicated issues in the printing world. Without consistent and repeated calibration by an expert, even different monitors will show different representations of the same colors. On our site, we have employed selections from the “web safe” color chart, which was designed to come as close as possible to showing the same colors on different monitors. We have then made every attempt to match the final output color to the web safe color chart. There is no way to guarantee that the monitor view and the final sign will be exact, but in the vast majority of instances, they will be extremely close.